Get the full picture in your decision making

In a survey of 2,207 executives, 60 percent thought that bad decisions were about as frequent as good ones.
McKinsey Quarterly Survey

Stakeholder Intelligence™ + Traditional Business Intelligence = The Whole Picture

To discuss how your organization can start making better decisions by harnessing Stakeholder Intelligence:

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Stakeholder Intelligence™ Solutions from Powernoodle®

We prioritize and manage a number of strategic market areas where Stakeholder Intelligence is critical to achieving an organization’s objectives:

  • Maximizing Efficiency & Effectiveness

    Enterprise Risk Management, Program & Portfolio Prioritization, Strategic Planning & Execution, Problem Solving…

  • Ensuring Compliance & Communication

    Cyber Security, Regulatory Compliance, Clinical Trial Integrity, Transformational Change…

  • Fostering Creativity & Innovation

    Innovation Stage Gate, Product Roadmap & Pipeline, Conference Decisions & Engagement, Debriefing, Best Practices…

Why Powernoodle? Rapid Deployment, Engagement, Buy-in and Better Quality Decision Making

People, process and technology are married in Powernoodle to provide integrated end-to-end solutions enabling rapid, cost effective deployment.

Powernoodle's Stakeholder Intelligence solutions are built upon a proven cloud software platform, with stakeholder engagement best practices embedded into the solution in the form of an easy-to-use, process-light but structured approach that guides you to the decision outcomes you need.

Engagement and buy-in are driven by how Powernoodle solutions bring more of the right people into the decision making process.

Our Stakeholder Intelligence solutions build trust through candor which drives deeper buy-in and alignment across the organization. Busy subject-matter-experts engage in short bursts of 15 minutes or less when it is convenient for them, therefore increasing their contributions.

Better quality decision making is achieved by tapping into Stakeholder Intelligence through the best practices of behavioral and cognitive science.

  • Alignment to Organizational Strategic Objectives

    Powernoodle analytics focus your conversations by presenting the distribution of evaluations (identifying where there is consensus, confusion or outliers) to ignite much deeper conversation. Ruthless prioritization is the result and provides stakeholder groups the license to kill low value ideas.

  • Speed-to-Market and Organizational Transformation

    Faster speed-to-market is the result of responsive organizations that can adapt to change. Powernoodle solutions quickly tap into the critical thinking skills of stakeholders to involve them in the objective evaluation of alternatives. Buy-in and speed of transformation are the result.

  • Increase Confidence and Reduce Risk

    We increase confidence by ensuring objective consideration and a 360 degree perspective when assessing ideas, projects or strategies. We help you reduce risk by minimizing the chance you are missing something important in the review.

  • Accountability in Decision Making

    Transparent and documented audit trails provide your organization a historical view of the decisions and conversations that took place throughout the process… A living legacy for decisions.