August 2015 Newsletter

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Getting Trapped By Confirmation Bias, Highlighting Client Support and More


Why is Powernoodle’s ability to provide an audit trail so important?

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1. Accuracy, Authenticity and Quality Powernoodle captures the voice of the contributor through qualitative text. This eliminates paraphrasing and mistakes by the note taker and enables people to “see” their contributions, boosting overall confidence in the underlying process. 2. Efficiency,...


Getting Trapped by Confirmation Bias

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Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to convince a stubborn conservative or liberal that their platform has a serious flaw, despite the existence of factual evidence to the contrary? In this article, Powernoodle focuses on another unique bias that is inherent to traditional decision making: confirmation bias. We explore the effects of this insidious bias and how Warren Buffet and his “Buffet Approach” can help you combat it.


July 2015 Newsletter

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Overcoming Overconfidence, Powernoodle Client Story, New Product Features and More!


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