October 7, 2013

Your Meeting Bill of Rights

Whether you're face-to-face with a large group or in a web conference with a small team, "bad" meetings waste time, consume resources, wear down people's energy, and often lead to bad decisions.

Leadership Strategies® heard you and devised a ten-point Meeting Bill of Rights to help you turn meetings into meaningful investments of everyone's time. Read more here: http://www.leadstrat.com/blog/we-have-to-stop-meeting-like-this-your-meeting-bill-of-rights/

By resolving or even eliminating many of the variables that hamper meetings, Powernoodle can add a new dimension of value and productivity to decision-making.

Learn more here: [http://www.powernoodle.com/]

Consider leveraging Powernoodle next time you facilitate a meeting.

Tags: Strategic Planning Project Management