Enhance your decision making with Powernoodle.


Flexible enough for any job

Decision-making is the basic unit of knowledge work, and Powernoodle adapts easily to almost any decision-making process.  It also lets you decide who participates at which step and when.

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A guided approach to decision making

Powernoodle guides your collaboration using methods developed by professional facilitators. Brainstorming, voting, rating, and prioritizing are all implemented in an easy-to-use interface.  It guides groups through decision-making so decisions can be made effectively and results achieved quickly.

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Documentation at your fingertips!

Using Powernoodle, you’ll never have to take notes.  Everything done in a session is documented in a spreadsheet available for instant download. This means you’ll be able to re-enter a session and have an unbiased, up-to-date record of your collaboration.
Powernoodle provides clarity and insights you’ve previously missed. The software is designed to facilitate quick participant input and presents results for easy analysis.

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Let anonymity reign

Using Powernoodle, ideas are considered on their merit rather than their source: Red flags can be seen quickly when people evaluate an idea without knowing its author.   People also feel comfortable sharing thoughts, ideas, and dissenting views, thus ensuring creative results.

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Take advantage of Templates

We’ve got you covered Templates

We have a selection of ready-to-go Powernoodle templates for common sessions, like a (SWOT) analysis or event debrief. We’ve set it up so you can get to work sooner!

You can build one too

When you create a session, you can export the Pownernoodle file (.pn) and share the custom template wherever you like. This means you can standardize and reuse your best practices and successes and distribute your template to multiple groups for feedback.


See a sample report from one of our templates here.

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Convenience at your doorstep

Work when your brain fires

Powernoodle lets you run a session over an extended period of time. This lets people participate whenever they’re available or whenever a good idea strikes. Enabling people to work when they’re at their best ensures the best results.

Engage remote teams

As a cloud-based solution, Powernoodle makes collaboration easy with the ability to message others in the session or share documents with them. Remote teams can always feel engaged in the decision-making process.

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Embrace transparency

Powernoodle automatically generates a report that shows the rationale behind every decision.  Powernoodle’s innovative design provides three ways to evaluate decisions and choose the best: voting, rating, and prioritizing.

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Resources just for you

Use our experts

Powernoodle has partnered with industry-sector experts around the world to give our customers the best support and knowledge base they need to succeed. Our experts are here to help with anything from advice on risk management to strategic planning. Contact us to find out more about this program.

We’re always open

We want you to succeed, that’s why we offer free, unlimited support to all our customers, no matter what plan you’re on!

Help at your fingertips

Too shy to ask for help? We’ve got resources for you! The Powernoodle Help Centre features video tutuorials for step-by-step instructions, an extensive knowledge base and an in-depth FAQ section.

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