Are the right people at the table?


Are you giving everyone a voice?


Are your stakeholders on the same page?


Are you wasting your stakeholder's time?


Stakeholder Intelligence™ + Business Intelligence = Better Decisions


All the great stuff in people’s heads needed to ideate, vet, evaluate, argue, connect the dots, and critically think in order to make decisions. Stakeholder Intelligence draws on know-how, experience, instinct, insight, observation, values, assumptions, and beliefs.


The other kind of Big Data….technology-driven data analysis using information stored in databases, and includes historical and projected data such as costs, benefits, performance, and trends.


Powernoodle minimizes the biases and dysfunctional barriers to leveraging Stakeholder Intelligence:


To discuss how you can start facilitating better decisions by harnessing Stakeholder Intelligence:


Engage more of the right people in the decision making process and build deeper buy-in.

Build trust through candor which drives deeper buy-in and alignment across the organization. Busy subject-matter-experts engage in short bursts of 15 minutes or less when it is convenient for them, therefore increasing their contributions.

Better quality decision making by tapping into Stakeholder Intelligence™ through the best practices of behavioral and cognitive science.

Increase Confidence and Reduce Risk  Increase confidence by ensuring the objective consideration of more relevant factors when assessing ideas, projects or strategies. We help you reduce risk by minimizing the chance you are missing something important in the review.

Alignment to Organizational Strategic Objectives  Solution analytics focus your conversations by presenting the distribution of evaluations (identifying where there is consensus, confusion or outliers) to ignite much deeper conversation. Ruthless prioritization is the result and provides stakeholder groups the license to kill low value ideas.

Accountability in Decision Making  A living legacy for decisions through a transparent audit trail provides your organization a historical view of the decisions and conversations that took place throughout the process.

Organizational Change & Speed to Market  Organizations adapt and respond to changes in direction quickly enabling faster speed-to-market. Tapping into the critical thinking skills of stakeholders in evaluating alternatives increases buy-in and the speed of transformation.


About Us

Powernoodle is the brainchild of its CEO Deb Krizmanich. She was leading an extremely challenging strategic project for a large technology company involving senior executives from multiple divisions across the globe. Deb needed to get these stakeholders together in the same room for two days to develop strategies and make decisions. After two months of trying to corral everyone in the same place at the same time her frustration level was hitting new highs.

After searching for software that would allow her to meaningfully engage busy stakeholders virtually she realized the product she wanted didn't exist and Powernoodle was born. She designed the platform drawing on her experience working with many different, often diverse groups striving to achieve towards common goals. Co-founder Frank Erschen joined her during the first year. When he saw the alpha product he quickly realized it was a product he wished he had throughout his career, and he became part of Powernoodle. The amazingly creative, collaborative, dedicated and insightful Powernoodle team has since taken the platform to new levels and many new markets.

Powernoodle leverages stakeholder diversity, encouraging creative solutions that are only possible when everyone involved feels comfortable participating. Using a step-by-step approach, Powernoodle effectively guides a decision process and keeps it on track while eliminating "easy" barriers like physical distance and really tough, complex ones like differences in personality, gender, generations, work styles, and culture. It also helps guide those who are new to leading stakeholder engagements while acting as a powerful tool for internal and external facilitators and consultants. Powernoodle is available in the cloud and enables organizations to work in real time to make decisions or to work asynchronously depending on team members' availability and schedules.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." 
-- Albert Einstein

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