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“What I love about the technology is that it gives everybody an equal voice. Everyone has an opportunity to put their ideas on the table—it’s not the loudest person that dominates the conversation and strategic direction. It compiles information in a quick way that allows people to understand where everyone is which helps reach a consensus.”

— Kenneth J. Fredeen
General Counsel, Deloitte
“To anyone humble enough to acknowledge that the insight of the group may yield greater value than the knowledge of the manager alone: I recommend you bring [Powernoodle] in and give it a shot”

— Chris Edwards
VP, Whitings Petroleum
“The Omniwomen Global Advisory Council leveraged the Powernoodle approach in our global decision making and collectively we have found it to be an outstanding experience. The approach got us to alignment faster, optimized the way we worked for a global environment and ignited outstanding engagement and results. I believe the approach can be instrumental in driving quality, efficiency, engagement and agility in decision-making not only for the OGAC but across our portfolio of agencies.”

— Janet Riccio
Executive Vice President, Omnicom Group
“I cannot think of a single client from any sector around the globe who I’ve advised over four decades, who would not benefit immensely from Powernoodle’s extraordinary strength in engaging stakeholders from every corner of the world to solve complex problems”

— Nadine Hack
CEO, beCause Global Consulting

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