Origins: Necessity Breeds Innovation

Powernoodle is the brainchild of our CEO Deb Krizmanich.  She was leading an extremely challenging strategic project for a large technology company involving senior executives from multiple divisions across the globe and needed to get these stakeholders together in the same room for two days to develop strategies and make decisions.  After two months of trying to corral everyone in the same place at the same time her frustration level was hitting new highs.


In December 2009 Deb contracted the H1N1 Influenza.  Making the most of her ‘down time’ while recovering she began searching for software that would allow such busy and distributed teams to meaningfully engage and come to quality decisions.  It became apparent that such a solution did not exist.  It was a lightbulb moment.  By the time her fever had lifted, the concept of Powernoodle was blueprinted.

Deb’s goal was to create a platform that she would have used herself to solve the problems, obstacles and challenges she encountered throughout her career in facilitating decisions.  Knowing that her own personal “hot brain zone” time was between 4am and 6am she knew that the platform had to respect individuals and allow them to work in a way that was uniquely best for them.

Deb had worked for IBM and was part of that company’s change management team as it transitioned from a product-aligned to an industry-aligned business strategy. She saw the impact that siloed and group thinking can have. She’d overseen the first collaborations of pharmaceutical organizations and patients in highly successful online communities. As a cofounder of a large NGO, she’d grappled with the difficulties in getting governments, industry and community organizations from countries in the Middle East and Africa to work toward common goals to achieve new economic opportunities through technology. She witnessed the internal struggles teachers had in expressing their challenges and discomfort as they adapted to new technologies, and how this impeded the way forward on school reform.  Deb had seen firsthand how valuable having a diverse group of people engaged as part of a decision-making team can be but also how difficult it was to achieve that ideal.

The task at hand was a formidable and ambitious one.  She knew the platform had to enable agility, celebrate diversity, instill trust, balance innovation and risk, minimize biases, remove the typical dysfunctions seen in organizations and be convenient for people to use.  It had to be accessible to participants around the world, function seamlessly among different time zones, make it safe to discuss contentious issues, allow people to get work done between calls and meetings, be cost-effective, cloud-based, and offer exceptional ROI.

Our team has grown, with complementary and equally dedicated members coming on board; allowing the platform to fulfill all of its original lofty goals and many more.  Powernoodle continues to evolve and has become the decision-making platform of choice for leading consultants and enterprises the world over.

"Man is a creature of hope and invention, both of which belie the idea that things cannot be changed.”
Tom Clancy

Better Quality Decisions

The quality of our decisions matters.  It matters because almost everything we experience in our lives, positive or negative, is the result of decisions made by us or others.  By improving the quality of decisions made within organizations, not only does the organization succeed but countless stakeholders who are impacted by those decisions also benefit.  As the bar is raised with more and more organizations recognizing the potential of Decision Quality and committing to making better quality decisions, the positive impact on our society, economy, and overall quality of life increases exponentially.

For more information, visit our Decision Quality page.

"I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions.”
Stephen R. Covey

Diversity-Driven Results


What is at the root of most great outcomes?  In our experience, when you peel back the layers of hugely successful initiatives one of the key attributes one finds is that diversity was valued as an essential element.  Diversity of thought was demanded by methodically including  varying cognitive styles, cultural differences, genders, generations, subject matter expertise and hierarchical layers throughout the initiative.  At the planning stage, diversity will have been overtly designed into each phase and at each critical decision point.  Throughout the initiative, diversity was leveraged in developing creative alternatives, defining robust requirements, uncovering hidden risks, forecasting realistic benefits, and providing sound evaluations.

We have witnessed first-hand what can be accomplished when diversity is valued as a treasured tool.  One of our mandates is to ensure that diversity is represented in decision processes and that these crucial voices are heard.  As businesses, we hire and partner with really smart people – so let them be the difference that brings wild success to our initiatives and bottom line results.


Trust is built into everything Powernoodle does and provides; internally and for its discerning clients.

  • Powernoodle CEO and founder Deb Krizmanich is a recipient of Trust Across America’s Lifetime Achievement Award and is one of 12 people recently named to their Trust Council.

  • With a platform and training based on more than 50 years of evidence and best practices, Powernoodle is the most trusted solution available.

  • Powernoodle clients enjoy much-needed and industry-leading levels of confidence and quality in their decision making; fostering trust, alignment, and adoption among all internal and external stakeholders.

  • Read this blog post to learn more about the relationship between trust and decision making.

Powernoodle supports and advocates for trust in all organizations. In support of this mission, we have created a decision model based on Trust Across America's 12 Trust Alliance Principles (TAP) designed to foster discussions about trust, at the team, division and enterprise levels. This model allows organizations to self-assess the current level of trust in their organization and create a plan to address any gaps that may be identified.


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