Stakeholder Engagement for Business Analysts

Powernoodle is used by leaders around the globe that recognize they need to get past the complexity, bias, and dysfunctional behaviors that interfere with good decision making. 


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Struggling with stakeholder engagement and decision processes?

Powernoodle provides the dedicated software, training, and support required to allow distributed, busy, and diverse groups to reach quality decisions in their stakeholder engagements.

Find out the 5 key barriers your stakeholders are facing that are preventing them from engaging in your process..... and what you can do about it!

Engage the Unengageable

Business Analysis is a mission critical function; one that, when done well, moves organizations forward from their current state to a more desirable future state. In enabling such evolution, practitioners rely on a diverse set of competencies, activities, and techniques across six knowledge areas as described in the BABOK®.


Powernoodle® allows those who perform Business Analysis tasks, regardless of their title, to expand their competencies and enhance many of the techniques associated with the business analysis function, including the myriad decisions made as part of that function.


By effectively facilitating high-quality stakeholder collaboration and decision-making, those who perform Business Analysis tasks are able to deliver exceptional value to stakeholders across the enterprise; resulting in a strategic and sustainable competitive advantage.

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Leading organizations around the world are using the Powernoodle platform to innovate and transform their stakeholder engagements.  Schedule a call or demo today to see how you can benefit from being part of this transformation.

Powernoodle's Decision Models

Reduce your workload with pre-built templates that address common types of decisions. Quickly spin up agile Decision Spaces and replicate/scale decision processes easily.

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