NEW Feature: Rating Distribution Graph

The Rating Distribution Graph has recently been released for the Rating activity. Organizers and participants can view the rating distribution for each tile under the ‘Past Evaluations’ tab. The graph displays the percentage and number of participants who selected each rating choice.

Alignment and Igniting Conversation: This feature is a key tool for facilitators in evaluating alignment among participants. Organizers receive a private and real-time view of the group’s alignment before reviewing the final results with their stakeholders. If a participant’s evaluation is significantly different than the group’s, a discussion to fully understand where the gaps are is ignited. Participants who have the opportunity to hear different perspectives are more likely to buy-in to an idea that they were not initially keen on. 

Strategic Applications of this Feature in facilitating Better Decisions:


  1. Risk Management: Knowing how truly aligned or divergent a stakeholder group is when identifying and assessing risks is critical to the success of prioritizing which risks to focus on. Conversation is further ignited when a stakeholder sees that they are an outlier to the group’s overall view of the risk which prompts them to ask themselves “why?”.

  2. Process Improvement: Measuring the gap between the policy makers perceived view of the current state of a process, and the workforce’s view of the actual state provides deep insights for process improvement. How aligned each group is (or not) in their views ignites rich conversation to uncover root causes.

  3. Strategic Options: Choosing which course of action or option to take is an activity that happens every day in every organization. Which strategy, product, feature, IT enhancement, candidate, vendor, program or partner should we choose? Getting as many diverse subject matter experts to the table to evaluate these options is key but understanding their alignment and igniting conversation is what instills confidence and reduces risk in the choices made.

Dave Horsey