Canary in the Cold Mind


Similarly, that little voice inside of us is our personal canary about our workplace. We've all had the chirp that says, "Hey, I'm beginning to suffocate here!" or the last gasp (the last straw) that says, "That's it. This environment is too toxic for me." By the time it gets to that point, your mind is a very cold place.

What can organizations do to prevent dying canaries and cold minds? And if you're canary is beginning to chirp, what can you do? After all, you're part of the organization so you have a role in detecting toxic leaks and fixing them too.

Meetings where a superior asks, "What's on your mind?" and tells you to be honest. If the environment is even mildly toxic, few will take the opportunity to be honest. No one wants to be the mole in a game of whack-a-mole. Leaders (I'm intentionally not using "superiors") who are truly interested in discovering the root cause of toxicity will seek honest input and will find ways to make it safe for people to contribute their views and to have them discussed without fear. Surveys capture data points but are wholly inadequate for engagement and conversation.

Powernoodle is the perfect platform for drawing out what people are really thinking and what they really want to say. Participating in a Powernoodle session is anonymous and the cloud-based conversation that happens is completely transparent as everyone sees everyone's contributions. Powernoodle achieves a level of engagement amongst people better, smarter, and faster, every time. Not even face-to-face engagement can achieve the same results. Can't get people together for a session? Not a problem as Powernoodle also supports letting people participate on their own time and from anywhere via the Internet.

Everyone's canary chirps. Getting your canary heard, and listening to others' is the only way to keep the mind from getting cold.

Check out Powernoodle: Saving canaries and minds every day.

Contributed by Frank Erschen, Co-Founder at Powernoodle