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Why Trust is the Bottom Line

Trust is a critical factor in organizational performance. Consider the Facebook example. When the Cambridge Analytica scandal first broke (directly breaching the trust of over 50 million users), Facebook’s stock plunged 18%, costing them $80 billion in market value. Over the …

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PN7Jill Prince
Necessity Breeds Innovation

Powernoodle was approached by an international food and beverage company headquartered in Europe and with a number of regional offices located all over the globe. Their internal audit team needed to conduct their 2017 global risk assessment within a strict time period to ...

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PN7Jill PrinceBA
Protecting Your Project

When a project fails, we look back on what went wrong, assume it was unforeseeable or unavoidable, and take it as a lesson learned for our next project. But why wait until after your project’s demise to look at its problems? Imagine the failure...

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What’s in your supply chain?

If you’re like many organizations today this is a question you’re asking. Whether your supply chain is physical, logistical or cyber, your organization has extended its enterprise by relying on partners to provide products and services critical to your success.

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PN7Faizan Shoaib