Community as a Canvas


Powernoodle is proud to sponsor Intelligent Community Forum's (ICF's) Community as a Canvas initiative.

ICF is a think tank that studies the economic and social development of communities to help them create prosperity, stability, and culture. This year's theme focuses on culture and how it can "help or hinder the transformation of towns, cities, and regions into Intelligent Communities."

To support this initiative, ICF has published a white paper entitled Community as Canvas: The Power of Culture in the Emergence of Intelligent Communities, with a forward by Powernoodle's CEO, Deb Krizmanich.

The paper points to culture as a determinant of how well communities accept, absorb, and implement new ideas. It offers insights from communities who have successfully leveraged their culture to become Intelligent Communities.

A champion of this cause, Powernoodle added a community page to its website and created three new community-oriented templates:

  1. Cultural Resource Mapping: A process to identify a community's tangible and intangible assets
  2. Community SWOT Analysis: A strategy-building tool for businesses modified to build strategies for communities
  3. Community Goals and Success Factors: A collaborative platform to determine a community's vision and the roadmap to make it happen

ICF and Powernoodle have partnered on this and other initiatives due to an intersection of people-centric values and a shared vision of a bright, innovative future. Both believe communities can use Powernoodle to be more intelligent by harnessing and organizing their stakeholders' insights, while simultaneously archiving supportive documents and building action plans.