NEW Feature: Direct Access

This new optional feature grants your participants 1-click access to an activity, enabling even easier participant access.


Another Access Option for your Use Case and Audience:

  • 1-click access for your participants

  • Fewer instructions needed for first time users

  • Improved organizer control over what your participants see

Strategic Applications of this Feature in Facilitating Better Decisions:

  1. Single-Activity Engagements: Have your participants enter directly into a specific activity with minimal direction- simply instruct them to login! Spend less time giving instructions and navigating, and more time focused on engaging your stakeholders in high quality decisions.

  2. One-Time Engagements: Enable direct access during one-time engagements when it is not necessary for your participants to access to the homepage (background information/reports). Begin your engagement faster, and use the ‘topic switcher’ to switch between activities.

Wayne Gerber