Featured Expert: Liz Guthridge


Liz Guthridge shows how it's done! This talented expert facilitator used Powernoodle to help her client build its entire first-ever strategy.


Find out how she used Powernoodle to move the high-touch, low-tech group from many months of talk about the need for a strategy to action-packed, collaborative Powernoodle sessions followed by one five-hour, high-energy productive meeting.

Read about it on Liz's blog.

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Chapter 15: Change Through Smart-Mob Organizing: Using Peer-by-Peer Practices to Transform Organizations.

Liz Guthridge is Managing Director at Connect Consulting Group, Executive Coach at NeuroLeadership Group, and (we are proud to add) an Expert at Powernoodle.

Follow Liz on Twitter: @lizguthridge
Website: http://connectconsultinggroup.com/