Intel Science Competition - Arab World 2014


The Intel Science Competition consists of 66 indivdual science or engineering projects, evaluated by 35 judges. The judges will evaluate each project using Powernoodle.

Powernoodle provides the competition with unbiased judging spaces for each project to be evaluated; there are objective rubrics integrated into Powernoodle to allow fast and efficient evaluation of the projects. We are honoured to be part of such an amazing event!


  • 4X More Efficient - Greatly reduced judges debate time and conflict in selecting top award winners (133 person hours saved)
  • Improve time to produce results (1 hour) and saved 52 person hours of processing time
  • Greatly Increased Effectiveness: Increased objectivity and minimized bias. Tremendous impact on reducing conflict in the judging debate experience to choose the top winners. Eliminated transcription errors and increased confidence in the results.
  • Increased student engagement & development by providing valuable individual student reports highlighting evaluations, judges' comments and areas for improvement.
  • Stakeholder feedback (Government, School Systems, Partners) through objective and comparative reporting of STEM Progress and Standings.
  • Year over Year STEM benchmarking of progress now possible

Powernoodle Footnote: The Powernoodle platform is used for science fair judging and reporting as well as business plan competitions and startup competitions. Connect with us to improve your competition's reporting, judging and efficiency.

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