NEW Feature: Guest Access enables Agile Participant Access

The new Guest Access feature enables guests to access and participate in a Decision Space without creating an account. Ideal for one-time engagements, when you need to be agile and spin up a quick decision activity, and great for conferences too!

 As an organizer, simply provide participants with the Decision Space access link and code, and they will be guided directly to your decision making activity.

 Organizer Benefits:

·       Quick and easy access for your participants

·       Allows you to choose from two more methods of inviting your participants

·       No need to input participant email accounts into Decision Spaces - anyone with the correct guest access code can enter the Decision Space

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To learn more about this feature, please contact us at or call us at 1-226-333-9000 / 1-855-797-6353 (toll free in North America)

Samanthat Tremmel