Powernoodle CEO recipient of Trust Across America’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award


Powernoodle Founder & CEO, Deb Krizmanich, accepted Trust Across America’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award earlier this month. When asked what trust meant to her, here’s what she had to say:

What does Trust mean to me?

Trust, for me, means confidence.  Confidence comes from understanding how we make decisions, review options, choose strategies, develop programs, improve processes and execute projects in our organizations.  Understanding how the principles and values leveraged in making decisions are consistently applied from the executive suite to the front line and across departments.  Decision making principles such as constructive vetting, igniting conversations of candor, mandating 360 degrees of perspective, engaging the right subject matter experts and seeking diversity builds confidence and eventually trust.

Trust comes from knowing decision processes are designed to uncover risk, minimize conscious and unconscious bias and groupthink and identify valuable outlier insights.  Confidence is built when the organization values critical thinking and innovating confidently within a well voiced risk appetite.  Trust is not developed by communication alone.  The principles and values must be embedded in the everyday decision processes of the organization instilling confidence which, in time, becomes the tipping point for trust.

Trust is not about democratizing decision making; It is about transparently living what the organization values and expects in its decision-making processes from all stakeholders... from the Board of Directors, to the executive suite to the front lines.  With confidence, comes trust.

Deb Krizmanich
CEO, Powernoodle Inc.

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