Powernoodle December 2017 Newsletter: Reflection & Retrospective


Reflecting back on the past year... How effective was your organization's decision-making?

Within all organizations, people are continuously making decisions; big and small, short- and long-term, strategic and otherwise. Some of these are made by individuals and some by groups. As an early gift to you, we have provided you with an incredibly simple but effective means of assessing and reflecting on how your organization approaches its decision making and the quality of its decisions. Your answers will help reveal your organization's decision making culture and associated organizational decision quality (ODQ). Such self-awareness is a critical first step toward improvement.

Thinking about all the decisions made within your organization this past year and the associated decision making processes, to what extent would you agree with the following statements?

► We utilize a fair, consistent, and transparent decision making process.
► There is complete clarity around decision making roles and responsibilities.
► We make decisions in a very timely manner.
► The right people, including SMEs and implementers, are always involved in the decision making.
► Our decision processes are designed to avoid common biases such as groupthink, optimism, and anchoring.
► We have a very candid environment where everyone is safe to voice differing opinions.
► Availability, time zone, or geography do not represent any barriers to our effective decision making.
► There is a high degree of alignment and trust around our decisions.
► We have a process in place to regularly review our decisions for sake of learning/continuous improvement.

  Decision Model Spotlight:

Our library of digital decision models continues to expand! Like the platform itself, these models are evidence-based; incorporating best practices from thought leaders in both academia and industry, as well as the experience of existing clients. Models allow decision facilitators to quickly and easily create an effective decision process - no wheel reinvention required!

Postmortem (Retrospective)
A postmortem helps you identify what needs to be improved, lessons learned, and the steps necessary to refine your internal and external processes. “Don’t reinvent the wheel – build upon past successes” (Herman, 2017).

Competitor Identification & Analysis
Identify your own and your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and strategies, and create an action plan to improve your market position.

Premortem Assessment
The premortem, developed by Gary Klein, is a method used to anticipate project failures before they actually occur. Read our blog post for more information.

RFP Response: Self-Qualification
Formalizing the “Go/No-Go” decision about responding to RFPs brings greater focus to debate, increases the quality of the discussion, and improves your win rate.

  Related News

McKinsey's Five Fifty article on the path to better decision making. Some sobering reminders about the state of decision making today and some insights on how to begin untangling your organization decision making.

Harvard Business Review recently published an article entitled Stop the Meeting Madness. Thinking about the meetings that have taken place in your organization this year, would you agree with the 71% of respondents that said “meetings are unproductive and inefficient" or the 64% who said that meetings “come at the expense of deep thinking"?

While there are plenty of articles devoted to the always informative (and often entertaining) list of the worst business decisions in the year, century, or throughout history, we wanted shine a more positive light on the analysis. At the other end of the spectrum, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates reveal the best business decisions they've ever made in this USA Today article.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and all the best for 2018!

If you want to change the culture of an organization, change the way people make decisions.
— Vincent Barabba
PN7Faizan Shoaib