Powernoodle Helps Send Conference Participation Through The Roof


Situation: Annual industry IT conference of 25+ separate IT operations, each with a different staffing model, capabilities, and responsibilities in their geographic

Objective: Increase engagement and participation at the conference

Challenge: How to get active participation from enough individuals distributed across four time zones to build a conference agenda that satisfied the scope of needs of all the unique IT organizations

Approach: Every year at our annual conference the attendees say the exact same thing - the value is in the opportunities created by having everyone geographically in the same place. It's all about the networking, and that network of colleagues provides benefits across all areas of the operation all year long in identifying high quality common vendors and technologies and sharing best practices, to name just a few. Powernoodle allowed us to put the networking first - we identified the individual attendees before the agenda was created and allowed the attendees themselves to help drive the creation of the schedule and dictate what we would cover at the conference.

Powernoodle allowed us to solicit topic ideas from the entire community without having to deal with the timing and logistics of conference calls or the inefficiencies of mass emails. We ended up with over 200 ideas and comments and the tool allowed us to quickly and easily distill that number down into a manageable list of concrete ideas the attendees were then able to vote on. 80% of contributors voted and at the end of the day we had a prioritized list of topics for breakout sessions and roundtable discussions.

Results: We were able to build an agenda that had something for everyone during every time slot and had almost perfect attendance in the sessions. No one stayed in the hallways or went back to the hotel because they didn't have compelling content. Everything was compelling because they voted on it themselves. Feedback on this year's conference from the attendees almost unanimously rates it as the most effective and valuable event in the history of the event.

Powernoodle Footnote: Meeting Professionals International (mpiweb.org) shares that meeting organizers, globally and across sectors, are faced with falling attendance due to travel budgets, the requirement to squeeze more out of every hour of meeting time to meet productivity expectations and to deliver more value with lower budgets. Conferences, meetings and events are competing with local sessions, virtual events and cancellations to name a few. Now, more than ever, attendees are demanding compelling content that will maximize their conference investment decision. Powernoodle can help you send your conference participation through the roof!