Powernoodle in Education


Powernoodle is playing a growing role in the field of education. From the California STEM Learning Network, to State Boards of Education's ESSA implementation, to a Montessori school strategic planning engagement, we have enabled leadership teams and staff to engage large numbers of stakeholders representing vast geographies, numerous school districts and culturally-rich populations to ensure everyone's voices are heard.

Powernoodle brings safety and candor to the engagement process to break free of biases, hierarchies and cultural differences that often govern discussions. Integrating behavioral and cognitive science into the platform, we maximize stakeholder engagement and participation.

The result? Enriched policy and program design, increased speed-of-execution, and reduced risk by building stakeholder alignment and buy-in to the very programs they will later be implementing.

Highlights from some of the work we are doing in education:

Powernoodle in Education: Overview
A high level overview of Powernoodle in Education.

Press Release: Alaska Department of Education Every Student Succeeds Act Implementation
How the Alaska Department of Education is leveraging Powernoodle to engage more ESSA stakeholders effectively and cost efficiently and setting the framework for better implementation.

Case Study: Stakeholder Alignment – Montessori Schools
In this case study, we examine how Powernoodle enabled 20 participants from 14 organizations, that had been plagued by disunity, to make a joint decision on how to create a unified, professional, and common brand for Montessori Schools.

Intel Science Competition
In this post we highlight how Intel used Powernoodle as the judging platform in their annual Science competition- Arab World. Powernoodle provided the competition with unbiased judging spaces for each project to be evaluated. Objective rubrics were integrated into Powernoodle to allow fast and efficient evaluation of the projects.

Engaging STEM Thought Leaders in California
The California STEM Learning Network hosted the California Summit with high-level private and public sector decision-makers, leading educators, grassroots activists, and students to affect change in thinking. CSLNet worked with Powernoodle to design a Summit that would capture the ideas and dialogue, take the group through a process of evaluating hundreds of ideas and encourage a commitment to action. 350 ideas were generated in 6 key target areas for change that would drive the work of the organization and its partners over the following year.

Where Stakeholder Engagement can be maximized in Education with Powernoodle...

  • Strategic Planning & Execution

  • Curriculum Development & Review

  • Professional Development

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Requirements Gathering

  • ESSA Stakeholder Engagement

  • Federal Program Grant Applications

  • Policy Development

  • RFP, Risk, Compliance Management

  • Progress against Goals Discussions

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