Powernoodle Releases Business Decision Research Results

Key innovations in science and technology deliver better ‘Everyday Significant Decisions’ 


Toronto, Ontario - 3 October 2019 - Powernoodle®, providers of the premier decision engagement platform today announced the release of their business summary based upon years of primary and meta research related to business decision processes, facilitation and technology support.  The business summary details Powernoodle’s findings related to a new topical category of business decisions: ‘Everyday Significant Decisions’, defined as the operational decisions that follow from strategic shifts in enterprise strategy. 


“Our research uncovered substantial gaps in decision making that occur after major strategic changes,” said Deb Krizmanich, CEO at Powernoodle Inc.  “Clearly, large enterprises put considerable process, resources and risk management into their core strategy making.  But when new strategies are handed off to operational business units, there is a lack of tools, technology and methods used to translate new strategies into the ‘Everyday Significant Decisions’ needed to execute successfully.” 


Key Findings of Research and Meta-Analysis 

  • Lack of a global perspective - operational decisions are made ‘too locally’ 

  • Gaps in transparency and trust - decision making is opaque, leading to distrust 

  • Limited commitment to execute - focus, attention and commitment often wane post decision 

  • No safe environment - absence of psychologically safe environment for stakeholder inputs 

  • Cognitive biases and organizational dysfunctions are often ignored during decision making 

  • Lack of technology support for global teams and subject matter experts to interact 


Research and Inputs from Well Known Industry Experts 

The business summary annotates primary and meta findings from research published in a wide variety of business and psychology publications, including The Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business School, Forbes, the Foundation for Critical Thinking, Entrepreneur, McKinsey Quarterly and other research outlets. 


Carl Spetzler, well known author of business decision and strategy books, penned the forward to the research summary. He wrote, “In my 40+ years of experience working with multi-billion-dollar corporations around the globe, I’ve observed repeatedly that most organizations can greatly improve how they make decisions. Unfortunately, truly healthy decision cultures are still rare.” 


Qualified business leaders and decision facilitators can obtain a copy of the summary by request at this web location:  https://www.powernoodle.com/decision-making-success 


About Powernoodle 

Powernoodle is the most powerful, yet easy to use, Decision Engagement Platform that helps leaders make better quality decisions by quickly and effectively engaging the collective wisdom of stakeholders. Cloud technology is fused with 50 years of cognitive, behavioral, and decision science to focus stakeholders, and minimize the biases, barriers and dysfunctions typical to most organizations that get in the way of making quality decisions. With Powernoodle’s extensive suite of capabilities, leaders can quickly and easily create structured decision activities that optimize stakeholder engagement and create the alignment needed to execute with confidence and outperform. Powered by science and fueled by people, Powernoodle is, quite simply, the better way to decide. 


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