Tackling Curriculum Development and the Common Core State Standards

Educators across the USA face an on-going and potentially daunting task: meeting federal curriculum standards by implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). While the Common Core has made curriculum development easier in some aspects, there are still many challenges which present themselves to teachers, school districts, and state departments of education.



“If one wants to shift school, district, or system practices, one needs to have a strong learning design and deeper collaborative work.” – (Fullan & Quinn, 2016)

Two proven methods have joined to transform curriculum development into a repeatable process, which drives dynamic discussion and debate through smart anonymity, to achieve laser focus on what is most important to improving student learning.

Align the Design: Ann T. Mausbach and Nancy J. Mooney’s framework utilizes “power tools” to develop efficient and effective curriculum that:

  • Increases staff capacity
  • Improves student achievement 
  • Uses efficient supervisory techniques
  • Fosters leadership for school improvement

Powernoodle: is a stakeholder decision making platform that brings safety and candor to the engagement process to:

  • Engage more of the right people
  • Build deeper buy-in and commitment
  • Build alignment to strategic objectives
  • Increase confidence and reduce risk

Together: Our combined method marries people, process and technology to:

  • Increase the quality and depth of stakeholder engagement
  • Ensure full understanding of Common Core State Standards
  • Create a repeatable process that increases engagement
  • Provide a cost & time efficient process

APPROACH & BENEFITS: Align the Design + Powernoodle
Align the Design’s proven 9 step process is ignited by Powernoodle’s unique ability to engage stakeholders in dynamic conversation and break down the many barriers associated with decision making. 


Align the Design & Powernoodle’s effective process to implementing the CCSS benefits all stakeholders, and most importantly- improves student learning.

Districts engaging their stakeholders in a repeatable and scalable process achieve:

  • Confidence in fully meeting the CCSS
  • Financial flexibility by remaining within budget

Teachers actively involved in discussing, vetting, and developing curriculum gain:

  • Increased confidence and pride in their work
  • Renewed commitment to the new curriculum
  • Deeper understanding of the standards enabling aligned curriculum plans

Students receive captivating curriculum which takes outside perspectives into account, enabling them to:

  • Effectively prepare for post-secondary education
  • Develop skillsets employers are looking for

“We must use collegiality not to level people down but to bring together their strength and creativity.” – Andy Hargreaves

To find out how you can truly engage your stakeholders in meaningful debate and discussion to implement an effective curriculum development process, contact:



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