Why is Powernoodle's ability to provide an audit trail so important?


1. Accuracy, Authenticity, and Quality

Powernoodle captures the voice of the contributor through qualitative text. This eliminates paraphrasing and mistakes by the note taker and enables people to "see" their contributions, boosting overall confidence in the underlying process.

2. Efficiency, Productivity, and Timeliness

Previous audit trail methods require high manual effort, which is expensive in terms of both actual and opportunity cost. Our online platform captures every detail of stakeholder input, ensuring a detailed audit trail is just a click away.

3. Capturing Something that Isn't Today

Although previous audit trail methods may capture and document various inputs, the "trail" is usually not explicitly captured. Powernoodle provides an automated approach to audit trails that requires no planning or hassle.

4. Engagement of all Stakeholders in the Process

Powernoodle supports an organization's best practices by providing a platform that allows for convenient engagement and encourages sustained participation. The process allows for new and past information to be vetted thoroughly from all stakeholders.

5. Transparency

Powernoodle keeps track of all activity including comments, evaluations, next steps etc. This allows for no information to be overlooked, benefiting all stakeholders involved in the process. This information also becomes a long standing audit trail of how the decision was made.