Stakeholder Engagement for Business Analysis

When the BABOK® references stakeholders in 320 sections, you know they are important.

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Engage the Unengageable

Powernoodle provides the dedicated software, training, and support required to allow distributed, busy, and diverse groups to reach quality decisions in their stakeholder engagements.

Ensure Quality Decisions, Every Time

  • Based in the Decision Quality (DQ) framework, our approach instills an understanding about what makes a quality decision so stakeholders can all fully understand and support such decisions.  
  • Powernoodle's Decision Record provides the auditability and traceability to operate from a place of trust & transparency.


Engage Busy SME's Across Distributed Environments

  • Allow individuals to work in short bursts ("My Time") when it fits their “hot brain time”, regardless of location, enabling group discussions ("Our Time") to be shorter and significantly more focused.
  • Cloud-based platform provides a 24/7/365 environment so your stakeholders can participate when it’s convenient for them.


Uncover Hidden Information

  • Smart Anonymity™ means you know who is invited to participate, but all ideas, comments, and evaluations are truly anonymous and provide a safe space.
  • Engage an unlimited number of stakeholders in your process, enabling you to ensure a diverse range of perspectives are brought to the table.


Overcome Organizational Complexity & Dysfunction

  • Built-in bias-busting features are designed to minimize individual & group bias and organizational dysfunctions.
  • Our conversation engine enables a dynamic environment for stakeholders to discuss, build understanding, and achieve measurable alignment.
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Leading organizations around the world are using the Powernoodle platform to innovate and transform their stakeholder engagements.  Schedule a call or demo today to see how you can benefit from being part of this transformation.

Powernoodle's Decision TEMPLATEs

Reduce your workload with pre-built templates that address common types of decisions. Quickly spin up agile Decision Spaces and replicate/scale decision processes easily.

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