Everyday Significant Decisions (ESD) Framework Research

Research Summary:

Powernoodle has created a business summary based upon years of primary and meta research related to business decision processes, facilitation and technology support. The business summary details Powernoodle’s findings related to the category of business decisions: ‘Everyday Significant Decisions’, defined as the operational decisions that follow from strategic shifts in enterprise strategy.

Qualified business leaders and decision facilitators may obtain the summary by completing the below form.

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Key Findings of Research

  • Lack of a global perspective - operational decisions are made ‘too locally’

  • Gaps in transparency and trust - decision making is opaque, leading to distrust

  • Limited commitment to execute - focus, attention and commitment often wane post decision

  • No safe environment - absence of psychologically safe environment for stakeholder inputs

  • Cognitive biases and organizational dysfunctions are often ignored during decision making

  • Lack of technology support for global teams and subject matter experts to interact