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Industry Perspective

  1. A Global Perspective 

  • Harvard Business Review, Mar. 2017, “Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse”, “…cultural barriers can restrict the degree of cognitive diversity…..significant correlation between high cognitive diversity and high performance 

 2. Transparency & trust 

  • Global Finance, April 2019, “Trust: Meaning and Measures” “..More than half (54%) of the over 7,000 companies across 20 sectors ranked by Accenture Strategy in 2018 suffered a material drop in trust during the previous two and a half years. …The index drop translated to a loss of least $180 billion dollars of future revenues.” 

 3. Transparency & trust 

  • Strategy Execution UK, Nov. 2018, “Six Reasons Why Strategy Execution Goes Wrong”, “Coordinating work across multiple teams is essential for delivering on your strategy…only 9% of managers reported that they could rely on other departments to deliver on promises “ 

 4. Commitment to Execute 

 5. A safe environment 

6. The Human Factor 

  • Michael Krigsman, June 2010, “Behavioral economics: The IT failure domino effect”, ”Most managers believe their organization's investment and project execution decisions are rational and based on informed choice. However, bias creates a domino effect that culminates in failed projects.” 

Michael Krigsman is an industry analyst and the host of CxOTalk, which tells stories of innovation and opportunity with the world's top business and technology leaders. He is a frequent speaker and panel moderator at technology conferences … 

Strategy Execution: The elephant in the room

7.      “These decisions are so large, they are often newsworthy”

The Guardian, September 2019, “Apple TV+: a canny plan to compete with Netflix”

8.     “These decisions are so large, they are often newsworthy”

Amazon, November 2018, “Amazon selects New York City and Northern Virginia for new headquarters”

9.     “These decisions are so large, they are often newsworthy”

CIO Dive, September 2019, Microsoft and Disney, to the cloud and beyond” 5 year partnership announced


10.   “A complete discipline has evolved to help organizations make these Strategic Decisions.”

11.     “A complete discipline has evolved to help organizations make these Strategic Decisions.”

12.    “A complete discipline has evolved to help organizations make these Strategic Decisions.”  The Power of the Strategic Framework


13.   “Execution is the result of thousands of decisions made every day by employees acting according to the information they have.”

Harvard Business Review: “HBR's 10 Must Reads on Strategy”, Assessment conducted with 125,000 profiles representing more than 1,000 companies, government agencies, and not-for-profits in over 50 countries


14.   Decision making has not been modernized to take advantage of the technology and brain hacks that science has yielded

Daniel Kahneman, “Thinking Fast and Slow”

15.   Decision making has not been modernized to take advantage of the technology and brain hacks that science has yielded

Buster Benson/John Manoogian III “The Cognitive Bias Codex”


Shortcomings of the Status Quo

16.   Diverse teams have 19% higher revenue.7

Anna Powers, Forbes, Jun 27, 2018 “A Study Finds That Diverse Companies Produce 19% More Revenue”


17.    : Trustworthy companies have outperformed the S&P by over 25%.8

 Barbara Books Kimmel, CEO, Trust Across America

18.   . Aligned companies have 36% more business growth and 27% faster profit growth.9

” Charles Besondy, Aug, 2013, “Calculating the Cost of Misalignment

19.   leaders create a safe environment that is demonstrated to foster greater value10

“Psychological safe environments leads to more open-minded, resilient, motivated, and persistent” behaviours. Humor increases, as does solution-finding and divergent thinking — the cognitive process underlying creativity risk-taking,” Laura Delizonna, Forbes, Aug. 2017, “High-Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety

20.  Psychological safety is the most important aspect for team success.11

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21.    The effects of unmitigated cognitive biases cause irrational decision making and curtails innovation.12

Mike Pinder, Innovation Board, “16 cognitive biases that can kill your decision making”

The Missing Elements in Successful Strategy Execution

22.   Spectrum of decision making – internal chart

Everyday Significant Decision Framework: Evidence Based Approach

23.   The Decision Quality (DQ) framework has transformed

 The Fundamentals of Decision Quality (DQ)

24.    Applying technology with core elements of DQ can achieve a more ‘right sized’ approach.

Right sized: To reduce something to an optimal size, gaining maximum benefit with the smallest investment possible

25.   OECD, Data on the Future of Work,

26.   Many organizations have experienced disastrous results, not because they didn’t identify the right solution, but because they failed to define the right problem to solve.

 Darrell Mann, A Good Question is Worth a Thousand Answers,  “…98 percent of all innovation projects fail” 35% due to “tackling the wrong problem” (Tata Review, January – March 2017 Edition)

27.  A psychologically safe environment ensures ideas can be openly voiced and deeply heard.

Amy C. Edmonson, Harvard Business School, The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth (Wiley, 2019)

28.    During this stage, psychologically safety substantially increases the quality of information gathered. 

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29.  Listening in order to deeply understand the insights of others builds trust and sparks ideas, exponentially building greater possibilities and richer insights.

Maria Ross, 4 Reasons Why Empathy Is Good for Business, ”… ability to see the world from the perspective of others is one of the most crucial tools in our business toolbox” (Entrepreneur, November 18, 2018)

30.  It allows leaders to take stock of what has been identified and critically think about what is missing

 Defining Critical Thinking, “Critical thinking is that mode of … in which the thinker improves the quality …by skillfully taking charge of the structures … and imposing intellectual standards upon them.” (The Foundation For Critical Thinking)

31.  Concentrating on the valued few, rather than the many, helps mitigate the Paradox of Choice, while better optimizing

 Barry Schwartz, studies the link between economics and psychology and is author of The Paradox of Choice, “…Infinite choice is paralyzing, and exhausting to the human psyche…” “…even if we manage to overcome the paralysis and make a choice, we end up less satisfied with the result of the choice than we would be if we had fewer options to choose from.” (EccoPress; Revised edition, May 17, 2016)

32.  When stakeholders have a healthy forum in which to conduct deliberations, a more thorough vetting of alternatives occurs.

 Nancy Kline, More Time to Think: The power of Independent Thinking (Octopus Publishing, 2015)

33.  Decision Quality (DQ), the ESD framework includes performing a right sized Quality Assessment Check, similar to that within Decision Quality framework.

As defined by decades of research and past success, the execution parameters are also similar and rely on the assumption that only time the quality of a decision can be assessed is at the time the decision is made.

34.  Evidence based decision making builds trust and transparency and results in speed of execution 

Stephen Covey, Speed of Trust, Free Press, 2006 “Creating a high trust, highly engaged culture is the ultimate, long-term competitive advantage.”

Enabling and Supporting the Framework

35.  94% of senior executives said that people and corporate culture are the most important drivers of innovation

w  McKinsey Quarterly, Leadership and innovation, January 2008

The Benefits of ESDs & Technology

Overarching Benefits of ESDs

Financial Benefits when the ESD Framework is Applied

36.  Their teams mobilize and run faster, with more clarity, better alignment, and stronger commitment.  They experience lower employee churn, eliminate decision reboots, and do not burn through resources without accomplishing results.

Blenko, Mankins, & Rogers, Decide and Deliver “…results: motivated, engaged employees collaborating to make and execute crucial decisions better and faster than competitors, fueling unprecedented financial performance.” (Harvard Business Review Press, 2010)