Mission, Vision, and Values


Discovering and formulating your organization’s mission, vision, and values plays a critical role in your strategic planning as well as in ensuring a level of understanding among employees and customers as to what your organization stands for. Mission/Vision/Values provides a guiding light to organizations for day-to-day operations as well as an overarching guide for their strategic choices.

This process includes:

1) Developing a Mission Statement
2) Developing a Vision Statement
3) Defining Organizational Values


The Mission, Vision, and Values model is intended for use by the organization’s upper management and leaders.


Having a clear mission, vision, and outline of your values helps guide your organization in its decision making, day-to-day behaviors, and overall strategic planning. They provide a guiding light to your employees, validating their overall purpose and defining the goals that everyone either is or should be pursuing, as well as defining your organization at its fundamental core: Who are we? What do we do? What is important to us? What are we working toward?

A mission statement and core values are enduring, long-lasting tenets for your organization to follow, while the vision statement guides shorter-term strategic planning looking five years into the future to where you hope to be. These statements can inspire your employees, and ignite change and progress in your organization, as well as establish benchmarks for success.


1) Develop a mission statement outlining your organization’s purpose:

  • Describe your fundamental purpose, i.e., answer the question “What do we do?” 
  • Identify your target clients/customers: “Who are we doing it for?”
  • Establish what value you provide to your clients/customers: “What value do we bring?”
  • Describe how you deliver your biggest value to clients/customers: “How do we do it?”
  • Craft final mission statements using the top-rated results from the previous activities. 

2) Define your vision for the near future:

  • Identify where you envision your organization being in five years, considering your mission. 
  • Use the top-rated results from the previous topic to craft formal vision statements.

3) Identify your organization’s core values:

  • Identify the core beliefs and/or behaviors that guide your organization’s mission.


  • Mission, vision, and values statements describing your organization’s purpose, goals, and overall culture

  • Candid discussion and feedback from stakeholders on the development of the statements as well as the final results

  • A guide for future decision-making and strategic planning


This model will enable:

Quality  Articulate your organization’s purpose, goals, and culture accurately and with the support and input of employees and stakeholders.

Efficiency – Easily develop your mission/vision/values statements with discussions and feedback all in one place, eliminating confusion and excessive or untimely meetings.

Engagement – Involve all stakeholders in the mission/vision/values development process for better buy-in to the resulting statements and strategic decisions.

Agility – Create a unifying vision for your organization’s future to guide and inspire your employees and ensure all strategic moves are aligned and focused in the same direction.