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Digital Transformation of your Decision-Making Processes from the C-Suite to the Front Lines

Every day, Powernoodle is used by Leaders around the globe that recognize their need to get past the complexity, noise, bias, and dysfunctional behaviors that stand in the way of good decision making.


Powernoodle provides the dedicated cloud platform and know-how required to allow distributed, busy, and diverse groups to reach quality decisions.

  • Facilitated: No unstructured chit-chat here. As a decision facilitator, you drive a focused decision process straight through to action planning.
  • Decision Spaces™: Quickly spin up agile Decision Spaces and replicate/scale decision processes easily.
  • Easy to Use: Participants love the ease of use and zero-training requirement. Really.
  • Available: In today’s fast paced world decide day or night and without much notice.  Act with confidence as Powernoodle is there for you 24/7/365. 
  • Decision Memory: The Powernoodle Decision Record provides the auditability and traceability that builds trust, confidence and supports continuous improvement. Decision memory is the way to look-back at the finer details of the decision months or years later.
  • Secure: Trusted by banks, global enterprises, governments and consultants world-wide.
  • Cloud-based: No IT implementation or support required. Seriously.

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Powernoodle was purpose-built to address the complexities and realities facing organizations today.

  • Support for busy people:  We bring all the right people to the table regardless of how senior or busy they are. Get more “subject matter expert” insights across more decisions.
  • Conversation engine: Focus on the most important things in need of really meaty discussion time. (Avoid “rathole” conversations and pounding chest soliloquies.)
  • Respect for the individual:  No more long unproductive meetings.  We promise. Individuals work in short bursts of 15 minutes when it fits with their “hot brain time” and regardless of time zone. Group discussions are shorter and way more focused using the Powernoodle approach.



Our brains are simply not wired for making high-quality, rational decisions.  Understanding this, millions of dollars have been invested to create the proven Powernoodle platform.

  • Groupthink elimination technology:  To say we value diversity would be an understatement and our technology ensures Groupthink is eliminated from your decisions.
  • Built-in bias busting:  We build in features that are designed to minimize individual and group bias.
  • Down with dysfunction:  The platform’s secret sauce breaks down silos and gets past nasty dysfunctional behaviors. We help your decision participants see the forest and the trees.

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Navigate With Confidence! 50+ YEARS OF EVIDENCE

Decades of evidence-based learnings from cognitive, behavioral and decision science are built into Powernoodle.

  • Training:  How many of us were taught how to facilitate decision processes in college or university?  We train leaders to facilitate better quality decision processes and to use time and distance as their friend.
  • Support for different types of decisions: Different decisions call for different approaches to decision making.  Need a “democratic” decision?   We do it.  Need insights from the front lines for an executive decision?  We do that too.  Powernoodle supports your decision process and workflows.
  • Work More Efficiently: Reduce your workload with pre-built templates from leading experts that address common types of decisions to be more productive. 
  • Powerful workflows for the most complex needs: Multiple stakeholder groups, different decision activities, decision dependencies, parallel work across days or weeks … we turn the complex and chaotic into powerful and efficient decision workflows.

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