Managing OpRisk is Tough

  • Keeping up with the pace of change and constantly-evolving regulatory standards is not for the weak of heart.

  • Ensuring the first line of defense is identifying their own risks and understanding them is not an easy feat in the complex world we operate in today.

  • Even if you could get all the right people together, no one has time to sit in 4-hour Risk Control Self Assessment (RCSA) workshops any more.

  • You realize that that there are unchecked obstacles in the business that can have an even bigger impact on success than the formal risks being identified but you don’t know how to help the business manage both.

  • You need an enterprise-level view of Risk Maturity but don’t have the time or resources to execute this with conventional methods.

We get it.  Powernoodle can help

As the Decision Intelligence Platform that will deliver on your robust operational risk management processes, Powernoodle allows you to:

  • Bring the right people together at the right time without the scheduling headaches or travel costs.

  • Operate in a responsive and agile world recognizing that your risk methodologies and assessment criteria must reflect the current state of the business today; not yesterday.

  • Engage and leverage the collective intelligence of the organization to identify and evaluate potential risks.

  • Uncover the hidden information that doesn’t always surface for fear of reprisal.

  • Build critical thinking skills at the front line via risk conversations that build understanding.

  • Access a decision record that provides auditability & traceability of how the business self-identified risks, evaluated them, and their degree of alignment.

  • Objectively prioritize the most important risks to focus on.

  • Creatively develop the best mitigation strategies to close the gaps.

  • Establish a common “decision language” for risk; from Board to C-Suite to Channels to the Front Line.

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Leading organizations around the world are using the Powernoodle platform to innovate and transform their Operational Risk Management.  Schedule a call or demo today to see how you can benefit from being part of this transformation.

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