Powernoodle is used by Leaders around the globe that recognize they need to get past the complexity, bias, and dysfunctional behaviors that interfere with good decision making.

Powernoodle provides the dedicated software, process, and training required to allow distributed, busy, and diverse groups to reach quality decisions in operational risk management.

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The Powernoodle Software Platform

Powerful workflows to support diverse needs:

Evidence-based functionality & templates: 50+ years of best practices in decision science
Decision Record provides auditability & traceability to build trust and continuously improve
• Supports all types of operational risk decisions & processes including your workflows

The sexy side of Risk Management:

• Seductive user experience - participants love the ease of use and zero training requirements
• Smooth & seamless transition between decision activities 
• Enable a dynamic environment for your stakeholders to connect and leverage their unique expertise

Outperform in a Complex World:

• Better quality decisions = Better risk identification, prioritization, and mitigation
• Reduce cycle times & move through your processes faster
• Increased organizational performance and bottom-line results

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