Risk Managers Community Project: Maximizing 2018 Success

What? Together, over the coming weeks, we will identify, evaluate and prioritize the key operational activities, which, when executed well with the right stakeholders, can uncover the risks and obstacles that could prevent us from achieving our goals and objectives.

Why? We each bring diverse perspectives to the table. Tapping into our collective experience as a community of experts will develop a robust, prioritized, well vetted set of operational activities which, with additional focus in our respective organizations, will increase the likelihood of success in 2018 (and beyond).

How? We will facilitate an online set of decision activities. Simple instructions for each activity will be provided on this page. Each of the four activities (noodle, vote, rate, prioritize) will require no more than 5-10 minutes of your time.

Why Participate? Because we can all learn (a lot) from each other.  Everyone who participates can choose to receive a documented “audit trail” of the decision process complete with ideas, comments, evaluations and the final prioritized list of operational activities this community of experts recommends organizations focus on to maximize success in 2018.

First Step: “Noodle” Operational Activities (visit often until December 11th 2017)

  • Click the button below to join the Powernoodle Decision Space for our project:
  • All ideas, comments and evaluations are 100% anonymous.


  • As a risk manager, you may be concerned about clicking the above link to the Decision Space. Fear not … www.Powernoodle.com is a cloud application for making better decisions through Stakeholder Intelligence and is a trusted partner to organizations world-wide.
  • Any questions? support@powernoodle.com or “chat” with us on the platform.
By engaging as individuals and sharing our vast experience and knowledge
… this community and each of our organizations will benefit.