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Innovation & Risk: An Uncomfortable Balance

An emerging conundrum for many sectors is: how to manage risks in an accelerated world that demands rapid innovation?


Effectively Tackling Innovation Risk

Seventh annual PwC report shows how risk leaders around the world are effectively addressing challenges that accompany innovation

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Innovation in Risk Management

Canadian regulatory outlook for financial institutions in 2018


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Powernoodle teams up with industry experts from: Bank of Canada, PwC and SDG, to discuss how Risk and Innovation can work together to increase results.


Case Study

Prioritizing risk management challenges, with the assistance of Powernoodle's online application, provided St Mary's General Hospital (SMGH) $1.7M in savings, Efficiency: 70% less effort, Effectiveness: 5X+ more effective.


Success Story

A international food and beverage company converts to a digital approach when conducting their company-wide risk assessment. As a result, over 250 leaders collaborated during their convince, and the assessment was completed within time-frame and budget.